Black Graduates Want Diplomas, Not Death Certificates

Black lives must matter before Black education can matter. My degrees won’t shield me from bullets if a cop feels threatened by my existence. They won’t have my back when a creep follows me around the block because my clothes were “asking for it.” My degrees are neither freedom papers nor get-out-of-jail-free cards. They are an acknowledgement of my survival from an institution that was not built for me.

Melanin in Milan: Finding My People Abroad

Being a Black student attending a predominantly white university, I’m used to being among a small handful of students of color within a student organization or the only Black person enrolled in a class. Within my academic specializations (Creative Writing and Opera Performance), there are even fewer Black students. Of course, I’ve been able to … Continue reading Melanin in Milan: Finding My People Abroad

Back on the Blog

For the past school year I’ve been working on a long essay (read: a 45-page and growing monster that could turn into a book, but who ACTUALLY knows?!) And after contemplating relationships, names, and identity for going on eight months now, here are four things I’ve taken away: 1) It’s okay to care… just know … Continue reading Back on the Blog

7 Kinds Of Street Harassment That Need To Stop

Catcalling is not a compliment. There... I said it. Throughout this summer, I've traveled more on my own than I have during any other time of my life... therefore I've received more catcalls than ever before. As a person struggling with body dysmorphia, catcalling is particularly difficult for me because I'm always anxious about my body … Continue reading 7 Kinds Of Street Harassment That Need To Stop

Restocking The Kandi Dish

It’s been awhile. If you haven’t seen my Instagram post (which you should totally check out), these past six months have been crazy for me. In fact, my entire sophomore year has been a Lemony Snicket-esque series of unfortunate events. Physical Health: I’ve talked about my experience with PCOS in my first blog post in … Continue reading Restocking The Kandi Dish

New Year, New Self-Love

I know the phrase "New Year, New Me" can easily incite people's gag reflexes, but be assured this post and blog will talk about more than just the gym memberships and juice cleanses that surge this time of year. This fall, I had an incredibly stressful transition into my sophomore year in college. After struggling with … Continue reading New Year, New Self-Love