6 Kinds Of Decent Guys Who Don’t Deserve An Award

Forgive me, Feminist Idols, for I have sinned. This summer I started watching The Bachelorette. To be fair, at least it’s not The Bachelor… but still. What screams “Post Breakup Therapy” more than making a fantasy spread sheet objectifying men I’ve never met and rooting for a girl who just got dumped by her fiancé? … Continue reading 6 Kinds Of Decent Guys Who Don’t Deserve An Award

Back on the Blog

For the past school year I’ve been working on a long essay (read: a 45-page and growing monster that could turn into a book, but who ACTUALLY knows?!) And after contemplating relationships, names, and identity for going on eight months now, here are four things I’ve taken away: 1) It’s okay to care… just know … Continue reading Back on the Blog

Book Reviews and Travel News!

A few weeks ago I spent a grand total of 42.5 hours commuting via Greyhound/Amtrak (so nearly two full days of becoming quasi friends with the person sitting next to me without ever learning their name and regretting not owning a travel pillow). But to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. I had TONS of books— … Continue reading Book Reviews and Travel News!

So My Parent’s Celebrated Their Anniversary In Sin City

My parents are the best parents in the entire world. I know that may spark some debate, but it’s the truth. The only things on their level are perfectly ripe avocados on sale in the Mid West or finding any parking spot in a shopping mall on Black Friday... And today, July 11, 2017, marks … Continue reading So My Parent’s Celebrated Their Anniversary In Sin City

New Year, New Self-Love

I know the phrase "New Year, New Me" can easily incite people's gag reflexes, but be assured this post and blog will talk about more than just the gym memberships and juice cleanses that surge this time of year. This fall, I had an incredibly stressful transition into my sophomore year in college. After struggling with … Continue reading New Year, New Self-Love