I don’t want to hear “I can’t believe this.”

I want you to read up on the history you’ve had the privilege to ignore.

I don’t want your opinions or thoughts.

I want you to listen to the Black experiences you’ve chosen to forget. 

I don’t want your #BLM Instagram story reposts.

I want screenshots of your bail out money donations and patronage of Black labor/art/knowledge.

I don’t want your passive Twitter likes.

I want you to follow Black tragedies as much as you follow Black trends.

I don’t want to vindicate your white guilt. It’s yours to reconcile.

I want you to check your racist parents and call out your apathetic white friends (especially when there are no people of color there) without expecting a pat on the back.

I don’t want your tears. I have plenty of those.

I want you to check in on your Black loved ones and respect our emotional/physical boundaries.

I don’t want to diminish the adversity you’ve faced from aspects of your identity.

I want you to acknowledge that your life is easier because you’re white. I want you to admit that you would never choose to be a Black person— because you know your life would be harder

I don’t want you to be “a good white.”

I want your activism to be questioned and challenged and criticized by Black people. I want you to grow from your mistakes so we can grow as a nation.

I don’t want your out-of-context MLK quotes on perpetual pacifism.

I want you to see that the only difference between The Boston Tea Party “protestors” and the Stonewall, Watts, and Rodney King “riots” is the former were white and the latter were Black. I want you to be disobedient to signal the need for change and destroy the oppressive systems that make you comfortable and powerful.

I don’t want you to use public demonstrations as an opportunity to role play The Purge or fulfill your Joker fantasies.

I want you to use your white body to shield brown demonstrators from tear gas and bullets.


I don’t want peace. 

I want justice.

I don’t want you to prove that you’re “not racist.”

I want you to know that you are the byproduct of a successful racist regime that has capitalized off of Black oppression and suppression for centuries. I want you to realize that being racist is more American than apple pie.

I don’t want you to feel at ease.

I want you to take a look at yourself. I want you to shed light on the corners of your subconscious you’ve glossed over for years. I want you to know that you are racist because you have be trained to be so, and it’s within your power to become anti-racist.

I don’t want my strength to be praised.

I want you to respect the breadth of my emotions. I want space to break down and acknowledge my grief.

I don’t want to lose your attention.

I want you to remember Tony McDade during Pride. I want you to remember Ahmaud Abrey during Independence Day. I want you to remember George Floyd when you vote in November. I want you to remember Amy Cooper at your Christmas dinner. I want you to remember Breonna Taylor when you hear a knock on your door. I want you to remember Trayvon Martin every time you see a bag of Skittles. I want you to know that this reconditioning is a necessary lifelong endeavor.

I don’t want you to be an ally for me or some other Black person in your life.

I want you to be an active ally because it’s the right thing to do.

Ways You Can Help:


To the family and loved ones of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor

To my Semicolon Bookstore Campaign— supporting Black woman-owned businesses and Chicago youth and literacy.

Or, to an organization: The Bail Project, The Minnesota Freedom Fund, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Communities United Against Police Brutality, and The American Civil Liberties Union


If you participate in a local protest, make sure to take the following precautions and acknowledge city curfews— if they apply.

Contact your Congress Representative today


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707 thoughts on “Dear White People, This is What We Want You to Do

    1. You’re a complete idiot. This woman isn’t a descendant of slaves. Her “bookstore” fund is under investigation by the I.R.S though. Every dollar should be accounted for because it’s easy and legal for the Central Intelligence Agencies to Track EVERY single cent that was “donated” electronically. I would hate for there to be an Audit and/or class action lawsuit because of embezzling or because of other criminal and/or illegal activities. For every individual donation that isn’t accounted for and donated properly to a third (non-profit) party that can’t also account for EVERY cent is a felony in and of itself. Punishable by up to 15 years in a federal prison.

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    2. This is to the poster, we could care less what you think or want. You are a hated race and we don’t have the time or desire to read your bullshit culture shit. You can kiss my ass

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  1. With all the “Dear white people” articles of late, have we just decided to pretend it’s 1955 and the U.S. is basically black and white? Or are we supposed to pretend that Asians, Indians, or Arabs don’t have their own prejudices? That Africans and Carribeans don’t have their own prejudices about ADOS? This constant pretension that there is only a black-white dynamic in this country is destructive.

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      1. If you are white in the US, you benefit everyday from the systemic racism that enables all advantages in housing, job market, education flow to whites over everyone else if you are white, no one calls cops on you for moving into your apartment, or birdwatching, or tossing snowballs with your friends, or driving a nice car. The list is endless

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    1. the “black and white dynamic” is the model for other forms of oppression. and if you are white, it is your duty to examine your own prejudices and worry about that. clean your own doorstep; let the asian, indians and others worry about their own. white racism is by far the biggest problem so tackle that.

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      1. Black people are the ONLY race in America that receive housing for FREE. Black people are the only race that have the tax returns/credits/breaks that they receive. Black on black crime is the highest in the country for over ten years. You are killing yourselves much more than anyone else is MORE WHITE PEOPLE ARE SHOT AND KILLED BY POLICE LORE THAN BLACK PEOPLE FOR OVER THREE YEARS. Black on white crimes have been much higher than white on black crimes for over 5 years. Stop refusing to be wrong. It doesn’t make you right…

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      2. Oh honey, you’re sadly stuck in a time warp. NOT ALL WHITES ARE RACISTS just like it isn’t only whites that have prejudices or “black discrimination.” You need to be more culturally involved with other races if you think this.

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  2. Racism will continue as long as you choose to consider yourself different from everyone else. Stop the pity party. Grow up and accept that the whole world sucks and everybody has their cross to bear. I was terrorized by 6 black teens 5 days a week for 4 years. The police didn’t trip over themselves to help me either. But the difference is, I grew stronger from my challenges, and I never used it as an excuse for my failures. If you truly want to be equal than learn how to assimilate with the rest of us who struggle with everyday challenges and just find a way to overcome them.

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    1. ahh stfu .. just cause yall too pussy to demand dignity justice RESPECT and yall so scared to get youor people marked off the map as often as we do just by doing so , dont mean we need a pity party or were just making excuses blaze blaze. yall always hollerj that ra ra but what you stupid mother fuckers keep forgetting is that SHIT HAS NEVER BEEN RIGHT IN THE SLIGHTEST WAY since slavery, The only good thing was the fact that Lincoln made us able to live as normal human beings. But that never stopped us rom always being some sort of slave, having some sort of struggles, having to always kiss these caucasions asses just to be able to live regularly. yall mothafuckers need to think before trying to call us out as being greedy needy etc etc.

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      1. I was never a slave owner and you’ve never been a slave. Do things need change yes but i cant change the past only the future as we all can .i only ask my lord for forgiveness .we can change with respect for one another . I can’t know your pain but only know you have . I grew up poor lived in places with dirt floors a washtub for a bath. Looked down by people that had more but my mother taught us to love and respect all. Your demands that anyone pays for what others have done only our lord can did that.you do what you think is your way forward respecting each will be the best. May god watch over us all.

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      2. You are so right that white Americans do not fight for their rights the way black Americans do! In this sense that is the privilege a black person has over another white person. It is also how whites can discriminate, harass, terrorize and unjustly deprive other whites of their constitutional rights. You better believe these same white ppl wouldn’t dare try some of the same shit on black ppl that they do to other whites for fear of being sued or hit with a civil rights deprivation lawsuit. All this to say, the white person who dares stand up to and fight for their rights and by virtue everyone’s rights, had better be careful not to piss off the wrong white ppl because, they(white outcast) will have no one to reach out to for help. I speak from a lot of experience and hast first hand experience with being deprived of liberty and property Without due process, procedural due process violations, My safety and welfare of no concern, all through the most corrupt judicial system I’ve ever seen.


      3. But you ARE!! And for some very strange reason IF we do talk about racism no one ever mentions how racist black people are, because that’s why we are really talking about this in the first place.

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      4. It’s funny how you’re the only people that insults entire races and insults INDIVIDUALS for the color of their skin and blame them for what their ancestors did. You also can’t even spell correctly. Ebonics is literally the butchered English language that black people have started to use because THEY HATE WHITE PEOPLE not because white people hate them. No you idiot you have not been a slave in any way. You have not seen any type of prejudice for being BLACK. You are shunned and treated like a loud mouth piece of shit who should be thrown in jail for threatening people. You want to call white people “pussies” but we pay taxes. You receive a tax refund. We increase our credit scores. You Rob and steal from your own kind. We discipline our children and make them hold themselves accountable for their actions. You don’t even know who your daddy’s are and most of you don’t pay child support. And 90%of Black women that have babies sure do sign up for those GOVERNMENT BENEFITS REALLY FUCKIN FAST…free formula, free diapers, free food, free housing, free electricity….yet you’re SO unfairly treated? Gangs. It wasn’t a real issue until black youth started BEING AFRAID OF EACH OTHER SO YALL STARTED CARRYING GUNS LIKE A PUSSY INSTEAD OF USING YOUR FISTS. you a beta bitch boy. I’ll slap you and make you cry in front of your homeboyz without a gun. By myself. You can’t even talk shit properly you drop out hood rat. You got nothing to show for your life no home no car (that you paid for) no credit. No land. Probably live with yo momma too. Blaming EVERY other person except yourself. You Just crying and mad because no one cares that you’re crying. Little bitch ass boi. Don’t even know how to make money cuz you can’t get up and go to work every day like a man. Can’t even see your kids or pay their child support. Cuz you lazy and your dumb. The way you talk alone is why no one hires you LIKE YOU ACTUALLY PUT IN JOB APPLICATIONS Hahahaha just lie after lie after lie is all you people do. Whites outnumber blacks 6 to 1 easily. Keep on with this shit . We’ll see who submits and who is the one getting what they want. White people already made you behave and act right. We can and will do it again. BET I’m going to name you “maggot” and make you do tricks to entertain people. I mean you can’t accept that were not racist so fuck it. Let’s be racist and start using fire hoses and dogs and bullwhips and some good ole rope to show you what REAL oppression is like. WHITE LIVES MATTER

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      5. There are near a million black millionaires in the USA. Be the change you seek and earn it like everyone else..


    2. I’m glad you grew from those challenges, I’m sorry you went through that, and it’s true that everyone has their struggles in life. However, Black people face these systemic struggles (based precisely on the construction that they are different and are therefore less “deserving” of human rights and resources) every single day. Overcoming racism involves all of us asking the right questions, like “Why should she assimilate into someone else’s idea of what’s right? Who are “the rest of us”? ” If you faced consistent discrimination in getting a job, purchasing a car, applying for schools, getting loans or an apartment, wouldn’t you begin to understand how the system as a whole is stacked against you? No matter how much someone accepts challenges as growth opportunities, if the system is so heavily stacked against their success, don’t we all need to take a closer look at what we’ve created and how it has harmed Black communities?

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      1. Walk beside my fellow man lady or child treat me as you would like to be be treated and I promise you the same. Then we can sit across from each other and know your and my way forward shall be one of respect love of for all.


    3. Thank you so much for saying this. I’m saying the same thing to everyone I know, too. Racism against white people is not anti-racism! It’s still plain old racism.

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    4. The only time I’ve had my vehicle broken in to, approached at an ATM by someone with a knife, or attacked at red light by someone who had just cut me off was at the hands of a black person. What do you want me to do? The only exposure I have to you people is as absolutely negative as it could be.

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  3. Hi Kandise, I am reading a lot of the “Dear white people” articles, comments and want to educate myself as much as I can, although I am not black but a white-looking Latina with Asian and Native Southamerican heritage who grew up in Europe. I am fighting against racism here in Europe and I feel like if I would talk like this to my European-caucasian friends like you do in your article, I guess a lot of them would turn against me and my cause to fight racism in Europe (and there is a LOT of racism happening here). So, my question is, I guess, who are you addressing these words to? To racists? They are sure not to be found here reading your article, right? Or, are you addressing these words to your allies? Sorry that I am not understanding well, no insult intended. But aren’t some (not all) of those affirnations rough in tone and hurting? Even in the US there are many disadvantaged white people, correct? I lived in California for eight years, so, I was there when the riots in Oakland happened (Fruitvale incident, nearby where I lived) and always marched side by side my POC and black and white friends but they never said anything as harsh as you are expressing in your blog like this… Thanks anyway. It is a tough one. I guess I am a little confused.

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    1. Leticia, that’s just awful. Imagine a victim of rape trying to calmly explain to their rapist why their lives, relationships, and well-being are fractured because of the sexual violence enacted against them. Imagine the mother of a murdered son trying to calmly tell a police officer that shooting her son in the back is not evidence of imminent danger. “I didn’t own slaves therefore it’s not my fight or responsibility” is a common response to oppression and the hundreds of years of mistreatment of descendants of enslaved Africans in the United States. If you back a wounded person into a corner, you can expect that they will fight to protect themselves when they’ve had enough, even with the last . Europe is no stranger to riot or protest. There has been just as much civil unrest there as well as harsh words. Somehow, when a Black person communicates directly, they are abrasive, disrespectful, etc. Disadvantage is not the same as systematic oppression over HUNDREDS of years. I think perhaps you need to study the long arc of US history – redlining, gerrymandering, housing discrimination, health disparities, discrimination and bias in credit lending, overpolicing, selective drug dealing, economic oppression and countless other affronts to a specific racial minority in the US – before you ask a question about harsh expression. As a person seeking to understand, it is clear that the harsh expression is more bothersome than the harsh treatment of a group of people simply because the law allowed it and oppressors don’t want to see true liberation and empowerment. All the best to you in your journey. Keep seeking knowledge and truth.


      1. It has got to SUCK to deal w racism on a regular basis. And even tho I am mixed race, I basically look Italian or Greek (my father is white, my mother is white, Brazilian and African)
        So I would NEVER claim to know what others have been thru. I know systemic racism and white privilege is real. But me personally? I have never once IN MY LIFE treated someone badly because they were different than me. So what can I do to change? If I don’t feel “white guilt”, does that make me a racist? Why should I feel guilty when I’ve never treated anyone badly for being different than me? I think the world would be a boring place if we were all alike, so to have someone basically tell me that I am racist because I’m not black is bullshit. And I dont say that to diminish anyone’s experience; as I said it has to be HORRIBLE to be treated like shit just for being who you are (well, I am 12.5% black but dont really LOOK it) but I don’t know what is expected of me as someone who really isn’t guilty of committing racism. And no, to be honest, I’m not going to put myself in front of a bullet to prove myself to someone else, I have people for whom I am responsible. But I just don’t understand the kind of hate that people perpetrate onto each other. It’s disgusting, really.

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      2. You see, that is the thing, you a modern day black human in America, HAS NEVER BEEN OPPRESSED.
        So stop pretending and stop protecting your criminals brothers.

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  4. Stop containing and asking for things without providing any real contribution to the state of the world. Simply handing over a bunch of money and resources to black people isn’t going to do anything for anyone except create a major problem for black people. Adding value to the black community is much more important such as through education and gaining relevant skills and knowledge. Simply asking for things without working for it will simply create complacent black people who are already in an abusive relationship with he U.S. due to history of slavery and systematic and structured racism. It is ridiculous that you are asking white people to self sacrifice themselves in front of a bullet aimed at a black person. Who in heir right mind would do such a thing. Especially for a group of people they may not even like. Black people are not obligated to Kim white purple and white people dont have to like black people. It is not the law and not a moral obligation. However, there are laws and moral obligations. To stray from the law to achieve ones own end is breaking the law. A white doctor seeing a black doctor is obligated to provide that patient with quality service but they don’t have to like them. Racial bias and prejudice is real, however, even dispute this awareness you cannot just say “This Is What We Want You To Do” as if you are part of the trillion Aire banker families that actually run this country or as if you are part of Congress , Senate, or live in the White House. Either way, lasting change requires a more extensive and more well thought out plan. Stop asking for things like it’s going to come out of a microwave or a vending machine and that that is what is going to improve things indefinitely.

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  5. Yeah, not your private army honey. If you want change go and fight for it in court. Most men in my family died for you to have the right to write these words, hell I nearly died myself for the same damn thing. But you, you think you can demand attention, and then what? People will do what you want? You’re part of the problem.

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  6. Hahahahahaha
    White people I want your money and I want to be elevated above you in society even though I’ve earned neither because I’m a thick, lazy, self untitled moron

    I can’t stand to see anyone (especially white pepoe) do well in life because I know without stamping my feet for free stuff and money I will never ever make a thing of myself.

    That’s you and all who agree with you

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  7. Every word on this page hit me in my gut and my heart. It’s powerful. It is incredibly insightful about the role \white people, like myself have played in the perpetuation of brutality of BIPOC. This article is the most impactful and “instructional” guide for me that I’ve come across.
    This reply IS NOT intended to prove to Kandi or anyone else that I’m a “good white person” but it’s a plea to every white people who has not already absorbed every message on this page as you re-read this article. SHARE with everyone you know! I’m sure – for lack of a better term – grateful that someone shared this article so I was able to find it.


  8. Fuck you! I don’t need to do all of that shit to know about what black people have suffered. I’m not ignorant and I know history. They all need to suck it up. things are so much better than they were 50 years ago or a hundred years ago.

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  9. I stopped reading after seeing “I dont, I dont, I dont….”

    Seems like you may think life is a one way street and only you matter.

    That’s not the way it works!

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  10. The Black person I cared for the most was my Daughter, murdered by a black “man” who shot her in the face twice with a shotgun. You ought to be addressing “Dear Black People
    There were 56 murders in Chicago on Father’s Day. “

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  11. Dear Author, this is what we want you to do:
    Stop calling people black, yellow or white.
    We don’t want your opinions or thoughts.
    Just stop using colors to refer to groups.

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    1. Dear Author, call me Black, because it’s not a color, it’s a culture. It’s what remains after my language, country of origin, faith systems, family and traditions were erased when my ancestors were treated as cattle in order for generations and generations of white people to experience true wealth on their backs and perpetuating a ‘less than’ narrative over centuries. Thank you, author.

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      1. Ma’am. I’m a genealogist and I can assure you that you are not the descendant of slaves. You are black American not African American. if you’re going to give a speech or preach to someone about how to refer to you in the correct mannerism or with the correct title, then please know yourself what title you should go by. I urge you to look up your own ancestry because about 68 generations ago your mom’s side in your dad’s side both arrived from Europe not Africa. Nor were they slaves. Stop pushing a narrative that is incorrect. Thank you and have a good day

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  12. What a bunch of bullshit. Stop all the whining. Live in the present and stop with all the past shit. EVERYONE has experience some type of racism, sexism, etc in their live but we ALL triumph and move forward. The hate is coming from all this shit that is going on. If you want change start looking in the mirror!

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  13. On another note:
    The Guardian newspaper was founded by John Edward Taylor, A cotton plantation owner who used slaves, was pro confederate, and attacked Abraham Lincoln’s anti slavery policy.

    As of today, the Guardian still has online articles extolling Taylor as a virtuous man.

    Boycott the Guardian, and Observer group newspapers until they close down.

    Damn hypocrites, they are.


  14. Hello to the white people arguing with the author here,

    Please STFU. You’re making the rest of us look bad. Try listening, for once. If you are not willing to do so just move on.

    A middle aged white lady


  15. You think I have “White Privilege?” You think that if I give money to the causes YOU choose, You will no longer view me as a racist for the color of MY skin? Scream it out loud “REPARATIONS!”, give me the money you worked so hard for because I feel like I deserve it because something happened in the world ages ago. Get a job and quit asking for a hand out. Keep destroying national landmarks and historical statues because, well lets face it, you feel “PRIVILEGED” enough to do so. Lets put one thing into perspective here… you want to be equal? You want the same privilege? Why Can’t I go to an HBCU without being looked at like I just crashed your party, like I am the one out of place? Why do I have to sit through your NAACP awards, BET awards, Soul Train awards, Miss Black America, Miss Black USA… You are a part of every other award show, Academy Awards, Golden globes, yet all we hear are cries of unfairness when a person of color doesn’t win one of those…. you don’t hear me crying because Julia Roberts didn’t win the BET best actress award. Why am I subjected to BET channel, OWN network, TV One and Aspire TV? I can only imagine the backlash we would get if we had the White only TV channel, with nothing but White only programming… yeah, we’d be racist… yet you, who are privileged enough to be here, privileged enough to call me a racist, says that these segregations are somehow okay because some African folks sold their own people 100 years ago, yes, that’s right kiddies… Africans sold their own people into the slave trade… but because Buford owned a slave in 1925, I am somehow to be faulted and blamed. Somehow, I am just supposed to accept you trashing my country, my cities, my states, because of my “White Privilege” I can just replace what you so carelessly destroyed because you could. Please…. >insert eyeroll here< if you want to be so equal to us, they why does the black community continue to segregate themselves? And they are doing it all on their own, while living up to the stereotype of common thug criminals with no regard for life or property. How about following the rules and seeing what the outcome is then? Keep killing cops, keep destroying businesses that people built up with their own blood, sweat, tears and time, Keep showing the world who you really are as a race…I don't need white privilege for the world to view African Americans as they are…. African Americans have not needed one bit of help showing their asses every time some shit goes down. I guess my "white privilege" doesn't allow me to speak for the many White American's killed by cops every year… because if I were to speak on it, if White America were to raise up and speak about the atrocities against us, we would then be racist white folks.. you know, with our privilege and all.

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  17. Fucking people like you are the reason M.LK. said “we can’t keep blaming the white people”. You have no idea and you just want to blame people that have nothing to do with it. Grouping all whites together as one person is bullshit. I’ve been called a wigger and treated like shit my whole life because I’m not a fucking white racist, growing up in West Virginia cops treat white people who hang with black people worse. They see me as a fucking traitor. Beating me and arresting me just because I refuse to go with the flow of their white supremacy notion. And then to see shit like this grouping all whites together, saying all whites are racist or have better lives, is bullshit. Its as bad as the other guy. Its as racist as the other side. Its not helpful. Its extremely hurtful. And its gotta stop. You need to practice what you preach!!! I’m Irish, look up some Irish immigrant history of America and see how they were treated by the white man!!! But u don’t here me blaming anyone!!! How are you any different from the oppressors!!!

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  18. L… M…. A….. O!!! Go fuck your selfs. If you think normal people are gonna but into your crybaby bullshit, you’re burnt out. Get a job like the rest of us. 🤷🖕

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  19. Wow. I just read through the comments. Triggered much, white folks? Such hateful, willful, ignorance. Kandi, I don’t know how you continue to put yourself out there in the face of such evil, but I am grateful that you do. You words have power, and ring true to me. I wasn’t going to comment here but after reading the comments felt I needed to offer some words of support and appreciation. Thank you.


  20. You can’t be serious!? Are you serious? Racist much? Lol. I hate to burst your liberal privilege bubble but this white woman has zero “white guilt” – I don’t support the BLM and I don’t have any black friends. My like or dislike of a person is determined by their character, not the color of skin. I have no time for people (regardless of skin color) who think the world owes them. Official response from this white person is grow the fuck up.

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  21. I owe you nor anyone a damn thing. I’ve already put my life between the bullets and tear gas for my all Americans. I wasn’t privileged as you or others might assume. I also didn’t make my problems a part of your life by spreading propaganda site’s. I’m also, not gullible nor uneducated. There is an issue in America today. It’s call division! You have as much privilege as I have. I’m of european decent and Lakota decent. My religion was outlawed in these United States till 1978. I am not native American. Before the european expansion on this “new world” to my people it was called Turtle Island”. I am not English American or German American. I could cry of the atrocities dished out to my people. The on going struggles my people have to this day. Yet, I choose to point out if you call yourself African Americans. Then it’s obvious that your loyalty is to Africa. That being an American is secondary and not your primary believes as to Our American Republic. I for one took advantage of the opportunities of freedom by exercising my liberty. Not by demanding others to conform to my agenda and ideals. I also didn’t ask people to feel sorry for me. I was preoccupied exercising my liberty, pursuing my happiness alwhile not supporting division. Because we all know that United we stand, devided we fall.

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  22. I don’t give a fuck what you want me to do. Your own future is in your hands and not mine. A friend and true African from Somalia came here with his family at age 15. They came with the clothing on their backs and nothing else. Mom, Dad, 9 sisters and brothers and a cousin. They are all very successful today and very devout members of the Islamic faith. They did not get the memo that they were part of the oppressed members of this society. Of the nine children, seven are married. Six have masters degrees or higher. two are engineers, two are nurses, two are in law enforcement or going to law school, Two brothers work in the father’s service business. They did not know about White America’s systemic racism as the Black Lesbian Marxists like to talk about so much. They did not know that they were not allowed to be people with great achievement and part of the American Success story. The are indeed the American Success Story. Those who are malcontents and hate America can GO TO HELL!

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